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Shaltiel: One Family's Journey Through History

“Who were our ancestors? What kind of people were they? These questions haunted Moshe Shaltiel after his father, Señor Daniel, claimed that our family descends from King David, the leader of the Jewish people some three thousand years ago. Moshe only knew for a fact that his family came from Salonica and that they had been driven from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella in the 1400s. Spurred by his father, Moshe set out on a journey of thousands of miles spanning more than twenty years. He employed teams of researchers and visited graves, libraries, synagogues, and family members in their houses in the Levant, Greece, the Netherlands, Israel, the U.S. and elsewhere to find the missing threads of his lineage. Moshe traced the family and its name from ancient Exilarchs (leaders of the Jewish community in Babylonia) to cousins of Charlemagne, to Annie Oakley's husband, to Holocaust survivors, to a Israeli general of the War of Independence, to a deputy mayor of Chicago. These threads are woven together into a single tapestry that is at once vast, colorful and eminently human.”

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The Exilarch

Moshe-Shaltiel-Gracian has published his fast-paced historical novel, The Exilarch, which may be purchased online. The novel is vastly informed by Moshe's historical research on the Shealtiel Family.

"Exilarch is an action-packed novel brimming with the kind of dramatic plot twists and romantic escapades that appeal to readers hungry for the good old-fashioned, historically authentic plots popularized by such authors as James Michener, Howard Fast, Leon Uris, and Herman Wouk. Shaltiel blows the dust off ancient times and infuses them with a living vitality; his knack for telling a good story is reminiscent of Robert Graves’s irreverent and intimate best-seller , Claudius. Both a swashbuckler and a romance, Exilarch teems with characters that will intrigue readers of both sexes and all ages.

The plot: in an unadorned ceramic jar, a college student finds an ancient diary—older than the Dead Sea Scrolls by several hundred years—that irrefutably links him to King David. The author of the priceless manuscript is the mysterious Prince Dara, adoptive son of Cyrus the Great and heir to the last King of Judah; the student is the estranged son of an eminent Harvard historian with a dark past, and grandson of a legendary Israeli hero who defended the City of David from her modern enemies. Here’s a story with all the elements to entice the most jaded reader: a quest for identity; an archeological discovery; the tangled destinies of kings and princes, fathers and sons; and love lost and rekindled.

While presented as fiction, Exilarch is based on a hard core of surprising fact. Author Shaltiel’s pursuit of his own ancestry, via not only traditional sources, but the modern techniques of DNA testing, has led to most interesting results, which have already been presented, in part, in a 90-minute BBC documentary, and will appear separately in a non-fiction book, now in preparation."
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