Welcome to all Shealtiels, however spelt. Welcome also to members of the familes descended from our common ancestors, including the Charlaps, who separated from the Shealtiels in the 1000s; and the Gracians or Hens who separated from the Shealtiels in the 1300s.  


The name Shealtiel is Hebrew and commonly translated as "asked of God". It is first recorded in the Bible as the name of a son of the last King of Judea. Much of the family remains Jewish, but we embrace people of all colours and creeds. Today, our family numbers approximately 2500 people, with over six hundred households in thirty nations—and we're still finding more.



The family uses this website as its main way to stay in touch.  Please click the menu above to explore the site. 

At the Crete Reunion, we agreed to make our site generally available to all. But we welcome subscriptions which are recognised on our contributors page. Please click here to go to our payments page and subscribe the dues agreed at the Jerusalem Reunion. These are €60 per household (approx US$75, £40, or NIS400) to take us to the 2012 Reunion. Please click here to get a password if you have subscribed.

Please note that as a low-cost family site, our subscriptions are far from fully automated; it may take a day or two to send you a password. Please click here, if it seems to be taking too long; or if you have already paid, but you can’t get onto the site.

We want to know how you feel about what we're doing; please click here to let us know what you think of the site. We appreciate the work done by all who have helped to create the website and pay tribute to them on our "Credits" page.   Of course all of this costs money, though we have been able to keep our costs down. Please click here to see the Statement of Expense for the operation of our website over the three-year period since our last reunion. Please note that this contains financial information pertinent only to the family, so it is on a password-protected page.

The movie feature, "Shealtiel: A Family Saga" was completed in 1998.
It was premiered in Israeli, shown by the BBC on New Year's Day, 2000, and also networked on Dutch and Canadian television. Financed by a joint venture of the Israeli Television Authority and the BBC, it is a unique document of our family's journey. The DVD is now available for $20; please click here to order a copy .

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