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Hello Shealtiel Family Members,


We would like to say L’Shana Tovah and wish everyone a Sweet and Happy New Year.  We hope everyone has a good Yom Kippur as well.


The 2012 International Family Reunion was held in New York City in July.  If you were there you know what great fun we had and if you missed it, well…….you missed it.  The next International Family Reunion will be held in 2015.  There is a full account of the Reunion below, with photographs.


As you might guess, this is not the voice of the editor that you have become used to over the years.  Prior to the Reunion, Philippe Saltiel , the President of the Family Association and Miles Saltiel, the editor and Secretary of the Family Association informed several members of the Family Association board that they would decline to serve another term as President and Secretary (and editor of this newsletter), respectively.  Philippe has been President for the past 9 years and had been active in the family association prior to his terms as President.  Miles has been producing, first, the Shealtiel Gazette and then the Newsletters for almost 20 years.  I personally was introduced to the Family network through Miles’ writings and will be forever grateful for that.  All good things come to an end and Philippe and Miles decided that they wanted a break from the duties and responsibilities of President and Secretary.  In addition, Flor Saltiel, who has been the Treasurer of the Association for more than 9 years also stepped aside.   As is the Family Association’s policy, a new Board of Directors was voted on and installed at the end of the international Reunion.  Philippe, Miles, and Flor all agreed to stay on as members of the board.  I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Philippe, Miles, and Flor for all the years of service they have provided the Family Association and to say how pleased I am that they all decided to remain on the board of directors.  Here is the complete new board of the Family Association.


President: Rebecca Saltiel, USA

Secretary: Jay London, USA

Treasurer: Victor Saltiel USA

Ariel Saltiel, Mexico

Flor Saltiel, USA

Florence Saltiel, France

Gustavo Saltiel, Argentina

Miles Saltiel, United Kingdom

Philippe Saltiel, France

Roger Saltiel, Brazil

Stanley Arundel, Mexico & United Kingdom


At the Meeting of the Family Association I was elected Secretary of the Shealtiel World Family Association and I became the editor of the newsletter.  My name is Jay London.  I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area with my wife, Fran London.  I am from the family’s North Sea Line.  My mother was Barbara Saltiel, daughter of Alexander Saltiel who arrived at Ellis Island on <May 12, 1907 from London, England.  I was initially elected to the Association’s board of directors in 2009 at the Crete Reunion.  I realize that I have very big shoes to fill in stepping into the editor’s position following Miles.  The Gazettes and newsletters, over the years, have been relevant, chock full of family history, and always well written and entertaining.  I will try to be faithful to that.


As Philippe bids adieu to the Presidency, Rebecca looks ahead to her time as President and her first “family” experiences.  Here are their thoughts on the transition.  First Philiippe:


“My dear cousins,


The Saltiel World family Association was created in Barcelona in July 2000. It came after Rob Sealtiel’s original reunion in 1992 of the Dutch Sealtiels led by Vibeke, Moshe and Miles started a search for Shealtiel families around the world, going on to organize two wonderful and moving world reunions, one in Amsterdam and the second in Salonika. The intention in Barcelona was to form an association that would survive personalities and be in good shape long after the last of us has disappeared, so leaving something for our children when they reach an age to search for their own roots.


Miles and I are pleased to have stepped back from the Committee while remaining in the Board and we are grateful to the younger volunteers who accepted the responsibility of conducting the association with new ideas, Rebecca as President, Jay as secretary, Victor and Flor as Treasurers.


Our association was formed around the name of Shealtiel with its different spellings and we welcome the Shealtiels and their relatives whatever their beliefs. The name is of Jewish origin but the turmoil of History or of their own story has led some of us to follow other courses. We may have a different faith or chosen to follow no faith, but all of us remain Shealtiel and are welcome within our association. What we have in common is our origin and the culture that was transmitted from parents to children.


We are also happy to welcome new Board members: Gustavo from Argentina; Ariel from Mexico; Stanley, originally from London but now also living in Mexico; and Roger from Brazil. Together with the new Committee they have accepted the responsibility of organizing our next world reunion in 2015 in Mexico. Yes, after six meetings in Europe and Israel, it is time to turn our eyes towards the new continent with a reunion in New York in July 2012 and now Latin America where so many families emigrated, many attracted by the affinity of the continent’s languages with Ladino and their consciousness of their own Hispanic roots.


I am certain that the new team will be enriched by their experiences of its new members, as well as those we have shared together, in New York and elsewhere.


Philippe Saltiel, past president 2003 to 2012”


And here are Rebecca’s thoughts about the family and her initial family reunion experience in Montpellier.


Dear Friends and Family,


It is a tremendous honor to follow the footsteps of heartfelt leadership that has to date brought so many distant relatives together. I recall attending my first family reunion and was just “awe struck” on the simple notion of one young lady, Vibeke Olsen, from Amsterdam who asked a simple question – Who am I?  Sitting in a room of Saltiel’s from all over the world for the first time at age 42 was an experience in of itself.  The name “Saltiel” was a surname I have never heard of outside of my immediate family.


 My first reaction and toast that evening was a humble thank you for awaking my perspective. Thank you to our founders and organizers for they have created a special gift for our children and generations to come.  A noted author comments “The sum total of what I am is my children’s heritage.”  Imagine that, instantaneously a window of history, my history along with yours is a gift in of itself. Our ability to tell that story should not be taken for granted!


We continue to delve deeper in our ability to answer “Who am I?” This is a quest often limited to a generation or two.  We are taking it back a multitude of generations with ongoing family branches throughout the world! We have taken on the passionate task of really understanding the depth and breadth of our family history.


This quest at times may be result in moments of heavy heart as we appreciate the toll of hate, violence, suffering, separation of family due to unrefined inhumane character defects found throughout history against “Jews.”  That of course should never derail our quest but strengthen our resolve.  I believe we have come together to be able to tell our story.  Including the diversification of the family today including all walks of faith!


I invite all of you to participate in documenting of our family history – we have an opportunity to “record” for our children topics scarcely touched upon by written documents. For example, passing on to my own children the anecdotal comments of why my grandfather emigrated from Greece to Turkey to Cuba.


Our mission is to understand the genealogy of our family.  I personally look forward to embracing our history as a family, our ability to survive, thrive, persevere, and our current diversity.  Finally, I look forward to meeting all of you!


Warmest Regards,


Rebecca Saltiel



I am also very happy to let you know that my dear cousin and friend, Alice Saltiel-Marshall, of Claresholm, Alberta, Canada has agreed to collaborate with me in this endeavor.  Here is Alice’s account of the Reunion:



The New York City Reunion, July 2012


About 50 of us on the Lower East Side Walking Tour


Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The reunion check-in took place between 3 and 6pm when welcome packages were circulated.  Bill’s and my flight landed at 5 and so we arrived when the reception was underway from 6 to 9pm.  Miles invited each of us to introduce ourselves.  Yummy hors d’oeuvres were served and a talk and slide show presentation on the history of Sephardic Jews in NYC, was given by Shelomo Alfassa.



Checking in

Kevin Hale, Philippe Saltiel, Miles Saltiel, Florence Saltiel




At the end of the check-in reception I found Rabbi Kevin Hale and Jay playing ukuleles that they built themselves





* * * * * * * * *


Thursday, July 26th, 2012


Breakfasts were always provided at the hotel’s Tick Tock Diner and we could pretty much come and go at our leisure.  This provided wonderful opportunities for family members to reacquaint themselves and/or to get to know first time reunion attendees.




  Jai Zion of the Lower East Side Conservancy was our guide.  He is wealth of information on early New York, when it was New Amsterdam.  He told us about the first 23 Jews, who landed in 1654, and filled us in on the history of Jews in NYC between then and current times.


Walking Tour of the Lower East Side








The rain kept the heat at bay and when we couldn’t take shelter under umbrellas or the ever-present scaffolding, we simply got wet! 





At the cemetery we had to wait for the keeper of the keys.  With all the rain she

thought we wouldn’t come, but we fooled her.  We’re such a keen and hearty bunch






The final stop on the walking tour was, for me, most special.  Not being raised Jewish I consider it an honour to enter a synagogue and to be able to learn, at least a little, about Judaism.


At the Kehla Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum we learned about the Romaniotes, an obscure branch of Judaism of which few Jews have ever heard.  Their traditions date back to Roman times, when after the destruction of the second temple these Jews were sent on a slave ship to Rome.  A storm forced them to land in Greece, where over the next 2000 years they developed uniquely different ethnic and religious customs. 




Inside the synagogue, Marcia Ikonomopoulos described the story of the Romaniotes, from their early entry into Greece in the first century to their current life in America.  She spoke passionately about the town of Janina, in North-western Greece from whence the synagogue takes its name.  And then she opened the cabinet to reveal their spectacular Torah scrolls.




Marcia with Josh Weinberger, our honoured family member who held one of the precious, old Torahs



The women’s’ section of the synagogue overlooks the main floor and is surrounded by remarkable artefacts





And all of this happened before lunch!  After the synagogue visit our bus collected and took us to Ben’s Kosher Deli;  great food in a 40 year-old New York establishment.  Then, we had free time until the bus returned to take us to our dinner destination.


Mingling and feasting at the Capsuoto Freres Restaurant


That evening we commandeered the entire restaurant.  The ambience and the food were both outstanding.  It was at this function that Miles delivered a most moving tribute to Vibeke after which we observed a moment of silence.  Vibeke’s untimely death, in May, meant I couldn’t see her again (the last time I saw her was at the Barcelona reunion in 2000) and for this I am sad.  She was one of the two key people missing at this reunion.  I sincerely hope that Moshe Shaltiel will be fully recovered from his medical problem, three years hence, and so may join us.






Miles Saltiel

From left to right: Mili Furman, Ariel Saltiel, Beatrice Saltiel, Philippe Saltiel, Olga Saltiel, Gustavo Saltiel, Kim Saltiel and Laurent Saltiel




Miles‘ tribute to Vibeke:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “I first heard from Vibeke in 1983 when she was sending out letters to Saltiels in throughout Europe. I got in touch with her, struck up a friendship and we then worked together on family business until her untimely death on 1st May this year at the age of 41.


It was Vibeke who kicked off the genealogy of the Saltiels, starting with her own family - what we now call the North Sea line of Saltiels from Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. She went on to play a major part in organising the first international reunion of the family in Amsterdam in 1984. And then she threw herself into family matters, to her last days exchanging emails with me and others.


Vibeke’s soul was not free of trouble. For example, she was anguished that so much of her family perished in the Holocaust. This animated her search for the family which survived. And this evening we know all too well that there were times when her troubles overcame her.


But this is an occasion to remember her energies and the legacy of her discoveries and her work in bringing us together over the last nineteen years, not to say the more tangible legacy of her son Yusef whom many of us know. I paid the family’s respects to him and her other mourners when I represented us at the funeral in her birthplace in Holbæk, Denmark. As I said there, “We have been lucky to have her in our lives.”


I promised them that we would remember her at this reunion, so let me now ask you to join with me in standing for a minute of silence in her memory.”                                                                                                                                                              


More Capsuoto Freres Restaurant photos



Standing l to r: Miles Saltiel, Lynn Saltiel, John-Claude Saltiel, Alice Saltiel-Marshall, Ed Motola & Laurence Saltiel.  Seated l to r: Patricia Lazard Arundell, Flor Saltiel, Stanley Arundell




David Saltiel and Barbara Daiute




Marjorie, Iris and Rita 


Laura, Beatrice, Amira and Adam



Friday, July 27th, 2012


Our coach collected us again this morning and took us to Battery Park so that we could be ferried to Liberty, and then Ellis Islands.  Once we passed through the stringent security our little group was swallowed up in the estimated 15,000 daily visitors.  We didn’t all make it on the same ferry; in fact it was all quite chaotic!  But we all made it back and no one was lost for more than 3 hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       





On both islands folks went their separate ways.  Some of us randomly collided beneath the Statue of Liberty, where the above group photo was taken.  On Ellis Island I split from my immediate and extended family to explore the restored Main Building which now houses a museum of immigration.  I was absolutely fascinated with the history, facts and figures about what transpired between the years 1892 and 1954 when 12 million immigrants entered the USA here. 



The group arriving at Ellis Island




Waiting for the bus at Battery Park



Saturday, July 28th, 2012


After free time in the morning and for lunch there were Workshops and Discussion in the Crystal Room (2 to 5pm)  



Ed Motola – Genealogy


Ed began by discussing a Family reunion he and others attended in Brazil.  He noted that there are many family members in Brazil, approximately 180+ families and about 500 family members.  Most of them were surprised to learn of their Jewish heritage, having grown up in a German Lutheran background.  Ed then gave a basic introduction to genealogy, how you begin searching, search resources and organization, and the importance of being consistent and accurate in keeping track of your information.




Philippe and Beatrice Saltiel who volunteered to take over genealogy




Rebecca Saltiel Busch helps Florence Saltiel set up her coat of arms presentation



Philippe and Beatrice Saltiel – The Salonika Archives


Philippe and Beatrice shared with us their adventure in uncovering, translating and interpreting a large archive of family records from Salonika from 1917- 1941, that were previously thought to be lost.


“The archives of the synagogues of Salonika were consumed by the great fire of 1917. Records generated after 1917 were seized by the Germans in 1941 and surrendered to the Russians, who in turn made them over to the Americans.

Recently Florence Saltiel discovered that they are lodged in New York. In April 2011, Béatrice and I were visiting our son Laurent and his family there and we decided to look the archives up. First we went to the Jewish Museum: no archives and what’s more, not even a mention of Sephardic Jews or recognition of Salonika on the map at the entrance.

The lady at reception gave us the address of YIVO, another Centre for Jewish History. We went to 16th Street and passed through YIVO’s security checks, akin to those we had earlier run into at the Atom Labs at Los Alamos. The Chief Archivist, Gunnar Berg, showed us a ledger which the librarians had annotated with the Latin letter “S”.


This contained handwritten entries in an unfamiliar language. The ledger was too substantial to photocopy on the spot, so we made copies of three sample pages and ordered a microfilm of the complete document.


The full microfilm arrived three months later and I forwarded it to Florence. In the absence of someone to translate it in Paris, she sent it back to me. Then, in late 2011, I got an email from Nicolas Trokiner who had come across our website. He told me that he had spent fifteen years searching for his ancestors, amongst whom he had found Shealtiels. In January 2012 I met him in Paris, taking the photocopied sample with me. He too was unable to read the handwriting so he suggested I approach Haim Vidal Sephiha, an 89-year old scholar of Ladino, whose book on the language Beatrice and I had read. Mr Sephiha told me that he was indeed able to read the manuscripts which were written in Solitreo, a cursive form of Ladino.


As, however, he had other priorities, he gave me the name of Gladys Pimientas in Israel, who in turn passed me on to Dov Cohen, who could translate the document and was available for the task.


Dov established that the complete microfilm contained 423 entries relating to a Saltiel. Beatrice and Dov then had exchanges in Spanish, concluding with our request for a budget. His initial proposal was for over €5000, but we were able to bring this down a bit. We then checked with Miles, Moshe and Ed Motola that these documents added to the ones they knew. We decided to order half of the 423 entries for €2,424 and in May this year we received translations of 210 entries.

Dov Cohen is safeguarding the microfilm until further instructions. He is prepared to complete the translation but we need to raise funds. We would like to make the information available to all members who have subscribed through the family website, so that they could search for ancestors. The new team has to decide whether it wants to spend the additional €2,215 to complete the work.


Preliminary findings


Families recorded after 1918 show the names of the father, mother and children as well as the paternal grandfather, with age or birth date, the latter always present after 1921. The register was kept up until 1941. It is sometimes possible to reconstitute fragmentary genealogies. For example, I found my grandfather, Jacob Saltiel, my grandmother, Fakima Sciaky, my father, Abraham, and his brother, Isaac. I was not able to go further back.


The entries represent 210 Saltiel households with up to eight children. They embrace the only spelling associated with our family in Salonika, rendered in our own alphabet as “Saltiel.”


The newly translated material lends itself to cross-referencing with other sources, including those developed by Moshe and Ed Motola; Beatrice has also pointed to the scope to compare it with the Recanati collection of documents first compiled by the Germans in 1943.”



Florence Saltiel – The Family Coat of Arms

Most of us are familiar with the Family’s Coat of Arms.  The only remaining original is hanging on a wall in a museum in Heraklion, Crete.  Those of us who attended the reunion on Crete in 2009 were able to view it close up.   Florence has been intrigued by the Coat of Arms and it’s history for a long time.  From the photo you can see that it is without color and Florence has been working with a heraldist to add color back to our family’s coat of arms. 


From Florence:  “It would be an added link for our wide world family to recreate an escutcheon (coat of arms) with colors.


The representative historical and symbolic colors are: AZURE (blue) and ARGENT (silver) as well as OR (gold) and GULES (red), coupled. For the first couple, they represent the Tribe of Yehuda and its Davidic line of descendants and for the second, the Catalan, Provençal and Jewish Mediterranean.


From the suggested (6) models two have been chosen by the family in NYC.

They will be redrawn and you will be asked to make a choice. You will see the two in a future Newsletter...”


Florence’s plan is for to everyone vote, emailing her your design preference and your thoughts about what the accompanying motto should say. But that will be for an upcoming newsletter.







Our Farewell Banquet was held in the evening









More banquet photos



The family in the Crystal Room



Ed, always entering data and Gustavo




The boys who have held us together for years, Philippe and Miles



Bill and yours truly (beside Hermann with Livya and Ursula Bredl




First cousins, Virginia Saltiel Adams, yours truly (Alice Saltiel-Marshall) and Merle Saltiel Bell




Tatsuo and Irene Takamizu





* * * * * * * * *


Sunday, July 29th, 2012


The World Association General Meeting

The Meeting, in the Crystal Room at 10am included the election of a new Board and discussion about the next reunion. 

President Philippe, secretary Miles, and treasurer Flor gave their reports.  The reunions are self financing with 5-10% left over.  Miles reports 40 subscribers to the online newsletter and bids for the 3-year renewal period are made.  Cost of subscription is €60 Euros or $75 US dollars.  Philippe proposes and names the volunteers for the new board.




Several committees were established during the New York City Reunion. 


2015 Shealtiel Family International Reunion

The only way something like an international reunion can happen is with a lot of planning, organization and thought.  At the end of each reunion, the next reunion committee is formed and begins work.  The organizing committee for the 2015 International Family Reunion is:


Ariel Saltiel (Mexico

Gustavo Saltiel (Argentina)

Patricia Lazard Arundell (Mexico & the UK)

Stanley Arundell (Mexico & the UK)

Ed Motola (USA)

Flor Saltiel (USA)


Shealtiel Family Genealogy Committee


Beatrice Saltiel (France)

Bettey Temim  (France)

Ed Motola (USA)

Hermann Bredl (Germany)


Shealtiel Family Social Media Committee


Yes, a social media committee.  Love them or hate them, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) are here to stay.  They can help us communicate more quickly and keep in touch with friends and family around the world.  Our committee will be looking for quick, convenient and inexpensive ways for family members to communicate.


Fran London (USA)

Alice Saltiel-Marshall (Canada)

Laura Marshall Koebel (Canada)


All of these committees would be happy to hear from other family members.  If anyone would like to participate or provide input for any of the committees, please contact us and we will put you in touch with committee members.


Miles also commented on working with Philippe for the past 9 years as well as his own experiences.


“I have been working with the President of our Association, Philippe Saltiel, for nine years. He has been a wonderful President who has become a great friend. He has always passed what for me is the crucial test of a colleague: he has always caught the ball, no matter how hard it was thrown or how unexpected its direction.

He must forgive me if I embarrass him by touching on the qualities which have made him such a pleasure to work with: his judgment and common sense; his generosity of spirit; his extraordinary communication skills and charm of manner; his determination to turn ideas into achievements; and his passionate commitment to the Shealtiel family and its Association.

Let me digress for a moment to share my own experience of working for the family. I have found it both tremendously rewarding and a great education. In particular, I have learned to respect and take seriously the divergent cultures and personalities embraced by the family and to tease out the best of them for our joint purposes. No surprise if from time to time this has thrown up the odd challenge of personality or situation. Philippe has never failed to rise to the occasion, dispelling the risk of disharmony and maximising the prospect of progress.

To my mind most important of all, Philippe has set the tone for our association, inspiring it with the example he has set of consideration, wisdom and energy. In short, he has been a delight for me to work with and the Shealtiels have been well served.

Now the two of us are stepping down. We will have to find something else to do together. So this evening is the time to express my personal appreciation and thanks on behalf of the family to our outgoing President, Philippe Saltiel.”

Hermann Bredl (the Association’s first president) stands and gives a most heartfelt thanks to Philippe for his work as our president for the past nine years.  Here it must also be noted all the hours Miles has spent, since the first reunion in 1994, on our grand and informative newsletter.


A proposed location for the next (2015) reunion is Mexico City.  A cruise is also suggested.  Philippe recommends not having it in July but perhaps in April?  The new committee will establish details.    


The Meeting is adjourned at 11:50am and without leaving the room we partake in our Farewell Lunch.




Adam, Laura and Amira with Victor and Tmima Saltiel




The Koebel family with Miles Saltiel


On a personal note, I was thrilled that our daughter, Laura, and her husband, Adam, attended their first International Family Reunion bringing with them their daughter, Amira - the youngest attendee at 7.5 months old.  I must also say it is monumental for me that, I was born Saltiel and how profound it is that fate and circumstance has me surrounded by a worldwide family so dynamic and bonded as ours is.

Alice Saltiel-Marshall, September 4th, 2012


In closing this Newsletter I wish to remind all family members that subscriptions to full access to the family website are renewable every 3 years to coincide with the International Reunions.  The cost of subscription is €60 Euros or $75 US dollars and is good for the next 3 years.  You can subscribe very easily by clicking on this link

http://www.shealtiel.com/shealtiel/association/subscription.asp.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.